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Our CNA Program

Technical College offers a Certified Nurse Assistant Program. The program is made up of classroom and clinical training. Certified Nurse Assistant students are instructed in procedures necessary in emergency situations. The curriculum teaches students to be trusted in confidential matters, respecting the dignity of patients at all times. The CNA program trains students to be skillful in carrying out the daily living activities required by patients and prescribed by physicians, including, but not limited to, proper hygiene and sanitary procedures, feeding patients with different needs and disabilities, transporting patients to and from the bed and assisting with mobility. Furthermore, Technical College stresses the importance of dependability and proper work ethic.

Classes are available full-time or part-time, weekdays in the mornings or evenings, and weekend mornings. Best of all, the course can be completed in as little as 6 weeks.

Employment opportunities abound as there are shifts available 7 days a week 24 hours a day. Financial aid is available for those who qualify.
California state regulations require all students to be free from communicable diseases and submit fingerprints for a criminal background check.

Where will you be in 6weeks? Think of your immediate future and motivate yourself to learn a new profession that is lucrative, hands on, and rewarding.

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