Administrative Office Assistant

The objective of the Administrative Office Assistant program of study is to prepare students for employment as entry-level secretaries or office assistants. Upon successful completion of the program students will:

  • Know how to properly navigate the Microsoft operating system
  • Be able to use a word processor and prepare documents
  • Be able to use a spreadsheet to perform office tasks
  • Be experienced in performing data entry
  • Know how to navigate the internet and use communicate with email

Prerequisites & Requirements

  • This program of study requires students to be California residents


Class Days/Hours Standard Length Maximum Time Allowable Total Clock Hours
Monday - Friday
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
12 weeks 18 weeks 336

Graduation Requirements

A student must attend class for the required number clock hours, successfully complete all class assignments, modules, and examinations achieving at minimum a grade of 76% or pass, and fulfill all financial obligations, prior to receiving a certificate of completion attesting to the successful completion of the program of study.


Licensure is not required for employment in this field.

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