Restorative Nurse Assistant

The objective of the Restorative Nurse Assistant program of study is to prepare students for employment as Restorative Nurse Assistants. Upon successful completion of the program students will:

  • Know how to help achieve and maintain optimal physical activity
  • Know how to inform the nursing team of changes in the patient’s physical condition
  • Be prepared to assist nursing staff with patients personal care, positioning/moving, and adaptation
  • Assist Nursing Staff with patients' informal restorative needs


  • This program of study requires students to be California residents
  • Students must posses a valid California ID card
  • Students must posses a valid Social Security card
  • Students must posses a current CNA License from CDPH Students may not have a criminal record
  • Students must be free of communicable diseases and may not have any medical restrictions
  • Students may not have any restrictions of physical activity


Class Days/Hours Standard Length Maximum Time Allowable Total Clock Hours
Monday - Friday
7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
2 days 3 days 16

Graduation Requirements

A student must attend class for the required number clock hours, successfully complete all class assignments, modules, and examinations achieving at minimum a grade of 70% or pass, and fulfill all financial obligations, prior to receiving a certificate of completion attesting to the successful completion of the program of study.


Licensure as a Certified Nurse Assistant by CDPH is required for employment in this field.

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