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Getting a job is the main purpose of vocational education. Technical College’s career services are aimed at assisting graduates in finding employment.

Our Career Services team will prepare students for the job search process. This may include interview tips and techniques, resume preparation, employment application instructions, what documents are required, maintaining a professional image, interview follow up, and the importance of punctuality. Students are encouraged to take full advantage of the career services process to ensure they feel comfortable and are prepared to find employment.

Technical College has a long history of working with employers to fill positions in their organizations. As such, the college will provide students with verified job leads and assist them in scheduling interviews. Graduates are expected to keep these appointments and arrive prepared. While the career services department makes every effort to assist graduates in securing employment it also believes that graduates should individually seek employment opportunities as well.

Student Advisement

Technical College is committed to having faculty and staff available to assist students during office hours. Students are encouraged to discuss any academic concerns with their instructor.

The college may provide tutoring for students having academic difficulties. Tutoring sessions will take place outside of scheduled class times and will be lead by experienced faculty or staff. Technical College’s faculty members are trained to recognized students needs, however, students are asked to step forward and ask for assistance if at anytime they need it.


Public transportation is available with stops located close to each campus. The local transportation system has vocational student passes available at a weekly or monthly rate. Schedule and rates information can be obtained at the local transportation offices and their web pages.

Free daily parking is available at all campuses. Please see the facilities section of this catalog for specific information. Students are responsible for observing parking regulations and signs and for parking costs associated with use of an automobile. Technical College is not responsible for damage or theft to or from students’ vehicles.

  • Rideshare - Find someone to carpool with.
  • Metro - The largest public transportation system in Los Angeles County. Find schedules and fare information.
  • Access Paratransit - Transportation for disabled individuals.

Library Access & Materials

Technical College does not have a library. Library access is not required to support the educational requirements of the programs offered.

However, Technical College maintains a number of reference books and other pertinent publications for use of students and faculty. Reference materials are housed at each college location. In addition, the college is able to provide students and faculty with access and instruction to online reference materials such as the directory of open access journals, Wikibooks, and Wikiversity. Students and faculty may access materials from nearby public libraries such as the Los Angeles City and County libraries. Instructions on how to access online reference materials and using the public library systems is available from the registrar. Additional access to learning material can be coordinated through the student services office.

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